Nutrition Research Trends

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These are experiments in using NCBI E-Utilities, javascript, and Google Spreadsheets to automatically query & track nutrition-related papers over time to quantify research trends.  I will be adding more data periodically as well as improving these experiments to see if they can identify anything interesting (such as important papers accompanied by commentaries etc) in near real-time.
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The following is a dynamically updating list of the same terms comparing the number of papers published this year on today’s date to the same day/month last year. It is updated automatically on a daily basis.

Until I figure out a better method, here is an embedded sheet that anyone can edit and run their own queries. Please only edit column A (“Query”). The other cells will load after entering a search term and pressing enter or clicking out of the cell. The cells re-organize periodically in descending order according to column F. Feel free to add or delete any of the search terms in column A.

This is the same idea but searchable by author name. Obviously publication count isn’t a good measure of quality/production but it is interesting to see how much some people publish.

The following is a simple example of how a Google Spreadsheet can be used to make a number of pubmed queries with nutrition-related terms quickly and return the number of papers by year through xml, then calculate the linear regression slope and r^2. The following results are organized by slope value (average change of number of published papers per year over 6 years (2005-2011)). Note that the results often include many unrelated papers so I will work on improving the query strings in the future, but it is very possible that without some human curation the numbers are not truly representative of trends.


Last Updated: 1/19/2013

  • Harini

    Thank you for this amazing gadget. It helps greatly is getting a quick snapshot of the trends.