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Should post exercise meal consumption differ for athletes compared to casual exercisers?

It is quite clear that for athletes, consuming protein and carbohydrate after a workout is crucial to recovery for subsequent sessions (replenish glycogen) and performance improvement.  The doses of each macronutrient, as well as the inclusion of fat (which according to preliminary evidence, certain types of fat may further increase protein synthesis, and fat for endurance athletes may increase total energy intake and increase performance) is debatable for endurance exercise versus resistance Read more [...]

How to get athletes to eat their vegetables: nitrate and performance (part 1)

For 9 years of my life I was a competitive cross country runner.  For 9 years of my life I heard the same types of nutritional recommendations: high carbohydrate, low fat, lots of water, eat within 30 minutes of a workout.  I know now that total calories seems to matter most (to which increasing dietary fat definitely helps), carbohydrate loading isn't relevant to most events, and I don't need to carry around a gallon of water everywhere I go to keep my urine clear.  Future posts will dissect Read more [...]

Hydrolyzed protein versus intact: effects on nitrogen partitioning

In the sports nutrition industry, there is a gradual shift to using hydrolyzed proteins for their increased speed of absorption and inducing hyperleucemia and hyperinsulinemia, conditions that may promote a faster and greater response to recovery and skeletal muscle growth.  A recent paper by Deglaire et al. confirms this is the case for casein protein, however it also reveals other important effects. Because of opioid peptides in the intact casein, intestinal transit time is greater compared Read more [...]