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McDonald’s buys advertising on twitter

Every once in awhile I notice a food company trying something new on a social media platform.  As i've discussed previously, I think this is a bad news trend for several reasons.  McDonald's is the first food company i've seen to buy a "promoted tweet" advertisement on Twitter. This of course shows up on in the trending topics for millions of potential views: Interestingly, as of now it seems to be getting generally poor reactions from twitter users.  In a totally non-scientific Read more [...]

Food companies and social media: disturbing trends

Chris Kenton wrote a blog post yesterday about a WSJ article on Gatorade's new "Mission Control" center that includes 4 full time employees who monitor social media networks for Gatorade mentions and respond if necessary.  They have to make judgement calls on how and when to jump into online social conversations (which can be difficult as Nestle has experienced).  As the Chief Marketing Officer says in the article, they consider themselves a person in peoples' social circles.  I am abhorred at Read more [...]