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Human serum metabolome (better) quantified

An important paper in PLoS One was published last month by Psychogios et al. that details a huge effort that yielded the most comprehensive characterization of the human serum metabolome yet.  I recommend reading the paper if you are casually interested in this area like me, as the intro provides a nice background and context. Briefly, searchable e-databases for metabolomics has lagged behind other omics areas until recently, but there still wasn't an attempt to identify the majority of compounds Read more [...]

The complex (plasma) lipidome quantified

There are thousands of lipid species in our bodies that represent 6 categories, but we only usually hear about the subcategories of cholesterol and triglycerides.  We don't yet understand how they are all altered in response to various nutrients, dietary and lifestyle patterns and so on.  Recent advancements have made it possible to analyze a large number of lipid species from work by the LIPID MAPS Consortium, which is: LIPID Metabolites And Pathways Strategy (LIPID MAPS) is a multi-institutional Read more [...]