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Mitochondrial membrane alpha-tocopherol/homologues: super scavengers or peroxidase inhibitors?

I love research that alters established dogma with new technology (hence Nutritional Blogma), so I felt compelled to highlight this one. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are structurally important in cell and some organelle membranes.  For simplicity's sake, we are often shown a representation like this: Each of the heads with 2 tails represents a phospholipid, which is composed of the polar NH3 group, a phosophate group, glycerol, and 2 fatty acid tails.  In this representation, one of the Read more [...]

The complex (plasma) lipidome quantified

There are thousands of lipid species in our bodies that represent 6 categories, but we only usually hear about the subcategories of cholesterol and triglycerides.  We don't yet understand how they are all altered in response to various nutrients, dietary and lifestyle patterns and so on.  Recent advancements have made it possible to analyze a large number of lipid species from work by the LIPID MAPS Consortium, which is: LIPID Metabolites And Pathways Strategy (LIPID MAPS) is a multi-institutional Read more [...]