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The Great Fat Debate

At the FNCE last November in Boston, there was a debate titled "The Great Fat Debate - Is There Validity in the Age Old Dietary Guidance?" The scientist participants were Walter Willett (Harvard), Dariush Mozaffarian (Harvard), Alice Lichtenstein (Tufts), and Lewis Kuller (Pittsburgh). If you weren't in attendance (like myself), thankfully the ADA put a video of the debate online here (~1h:15m). This month's issue of the JADA featured edited transcripts of each of the participants as well as a Read more [...]

A consensus paper on dietary fats and cardiovascular disease

The AJCN has a nice short "consensus" paper from many of the top researchers examining the supposed link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease, which is open access here. Arne Astrup and Walter Willett organized an invitation-only symposium last year with big names in nutrition research; among the other participants were Frank B Hu, Ronald M Krauss, Jørn Dyerberg, Peter Elwood, Kjeld Hermansen, Marianne Uhre Jakobsen, Frans J Kok, Jean Michel Lecerf, Philippe LeGrand, Paul Nestel, Ulf Read more [...]

The complex (plasma) lipidome quantified

There are thousands of lipid species in our bodies that represent 6 categories, but we only usually hear about the subcategories of cholesterol and triglycerides.  We don't yet understand how they are all altered in response to various nutrients, dietary and lifestyle patterns and so on.  Recent advancements have made it possible to analyze a large number of lipid species from work by the LIPID MAPS Consortium, which is: LIPID Metabolites And Pathways Strategy (LIPID MAPS) is a multi-institutional Read more [...]