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Uric acid, not flavonoids increases antioxidant capacity from (apple) juice

In my article on "super"fruits I noted that many flavonoids have poor bioavailability, necessitating in vivo studies when assessing health effects- we cannot extrapolate the antioxidant capacity results of in vitro studies of flavonoid extracts to suggest that they are the reason fruits/vegetables are healthy.  This 2006 review by Lotito and Frei concluded that uric acid may be the major reason antioxidant capacity increases in the in vivo studies, consequent to the metabolism of fructose.  I also Read more [...]

Bioavailability & pharmacokinetics of anthocyanins from cranberry juice

Recently, I wrote why "super" fruits are no better than regular fruit.  Among those reasons, is because constituents in fruit have other discovered roles beside functioning as antioxidants, and in vitro antioxidant activity does not measure these.  I do not think antioxidant activity is a major reason why fruits are good for us. A recent study with cranberry juice by Milbury et al. (1) may further support this. Cranberries, and especially anthocyanins, which make up a significant portion of Read more [...]

Super fruits, super marketing.

Last year was the year of the acai berry.  Mangosteen, noni, goji, and others also proliferate on the juice and supplement market.  Some are predicting what will be next.  Are these so called "superfruits"  any better than "regular" fruit? Let's look at a few lines of evidence. What makes a fruit "super"? First of all, we have to define what characteristics a fruit has to have to be labeled "super."  The superfruit craze seems to have hit a tipping point in 2004, however there appear to be Read more [...]