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Scrambled messages about eggs

Headlines plastered across the web in the last couple days said that eating eggs is almost as bad for your heart as smoking: "No yolk: eating the whole egg as dangerous as smoking?" writes the LA Times "Eggs found to be as dangerous for the heart as smoking, new study suggests" says the Global Post "Eggs move back to the naughty list" notes The Globe and Mail Along with many more These were prompted by a press release from The University of Western Ontario titled "Research finds egg Read more [...]

The Incredible Egg

The internet has no shortage of information about eggs.  Unfortunately, there exists a paucity of sources that have looked in detail at the actual scientific research as a whole.  While I went through it myself, it became clear that this information should be condensed into a post in hopes that eggs, and their most feared constituent, cholesterol, are better understood.  As stated by Dr. Elizabeth Applegate (19): "...the evidence that eating eggs is unrelated to heart disease risk needs to be Read more [...]