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Caffeine in coffee, an inconsistent “fix”

I have often wondered why, when buying coffee from the same establishment on different days, or the same size from different establishments- they do not have an equal effect on my subjective alertness.  It probably has a lot to do with internal milieu- hormones, neurotransmitters and the like, but I came across another reason: the amount of caffeine in coffee can vary quite a bit, even when bought at the same place on different days.  If fact it was pretty shocking to me, so I thought I would report Read more [...]

Coffee, fiber, and neuroimmunity

While enjoying my coffee today, I pondered the research i've read on it and decided to come back to a paper from 2007 (1) that examined, of all things, its fiber content. Polysaccharides, specifically type II arabinogalactan and galactomannan, have been identified in coffee.  Because they are largely indigestible, they are considered dietary fiber.  Food composition tables previously reported zero dietary fiber for coffee.  However, coffee contains many phenolic compounds that may bind polysaccharides Read more [...]