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An increase in mitochondrial superoxide extends lifespan in C. elegans but not by hormesis?

Edit: I was forwarded a convincing skeptical argument that because C. elegans lacks dividing cells and DNA repair genes that function like higher organisms likely because it doesn't live as long, it might have a greater protective response to superoxide. Longer-living organisms have cancer to worry about so cells may allow senescence to occur to freeze cells in a non-dividing state. Rate of ageing theories have evolved significantly over the years but now frequently centralize around the involvement Read more [...]

Ageing per se increases susceptibility to lipid induced insulin resistance in rats

I am constantly on the lookout for studies on how biochemical mechanisms shift with age, the significance of these changes and how nutrition and lifestyle interact with them to potentially affect health.  Ageing itself is clearly an immensely complex process, and teasing out changes caused from ageing itself rather than known variables that effect health is difficult. A recent paper by Francine Einstein et al. (1) examined how age influences susceptibility to free fatty acid (FFA) induced insulin Read more [...]