My name is Colby Vorland and I am currently a postdoctoral fellow study nutrition and meta-research in the U.S. I enjoy trying to keep up with various areas of the nutrition literature and share some of it on this blog. 

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I frequently post and re-post links to new research and articles on Twitter that won’t make it to this blog because of time constraints.  Follow me @nutsci!

Note: I am not an authority, and hope that everything I write is critically evaluated by readers. Please contact me or comment if you see anything that may be incorrect and I will look into it asap.

  • Jdelfav

    This is an awesome idea. keep it up!

  • smart

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  • Aishcandra Ray

    great job..very helpfully

  • Bob Dylan

    Your a farce, You either work for Big Pharmacueticals, Plan too or are just plain retarded. I am an actual Doctor and we never would teach our students to disregard the benefits of Oxygen based Powders and intestinal fortitude and or detoxification. The internet is giving a voice to scam artists and morons. The real bad part is that you actually make statements supporting Vitamin Bans as if they were narcotics. Nobody with any sense would think your comments are not the mouth piece of a paid propagandist.