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    I’d like to see you write something on the complexity of metabolism vs the overly simplistic research that takes place. Or our simplistic models in the face of what is a very complex biological system. Eg there are various metabolic pathways and competing enzymes and I wonder how research in medicine leads to a drug that inhibits a particular prostaglandin which is desirable but is then found later to also inhibit other prostaglandins that are not desirable.
    Or how different types of fat are processed and used by the body differently so that an approach to eating that relies on simple calorie counting is not going to be successful. These things, it seems to me, are not mistakes of Joe Sixpack but of Richard Researcher. I’ve read research that looks at one variable and seems to ignore so many that are impacting what is going on that I’m filled with a sense of incredulity at the waste in money on such research.

    • http://www.recomp.com Colby

      I have commented on this in a general sense in one post (title: Does nutrition need a new research paradigm) and I have a few papers on the backlog that I want to highlight that cover research design and how to define “evidence-based” in a nutritional context. I have a deep interest in nutritional genomics which is able to look bigger picture than the traditional reductionist approach, so eventually i’ll be posting on such things as well. Thanks for the comment.

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  • Glenn Evans

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  • Steve

    Just reading some fear mongering blog posts on how natural foods with high free glutamate content can cause neurological problems, passing blood brain barrier/killing brain cells etc etc.. I will eat around 50-200g of aged cheese daily along with potatoes etc etc.. do you think I have anything to worry about in terms of the free glutamate contents (not asking on anything else)? (lol sound stupid but scared I’ll lose my creative edge, focused ability, ability to think effectively etc etc..)

    Thanks so much! : one of many fear mongering articles: https://chriskresser.com/beyond-msg-could-hidden-sources-of-glutamate-be-harming-your-health/

    A source showing free glutamate contents of foods: https://msgfacts.com/glutamate-in-food/

    Thanks so much ! Would highly your appreciate your opinion on this.. I can’t seem to find any studies etc to support the notion that naturally occurring free glutamate foods are an issue but wondering if you know anything