A letter to my state representatives against naturopathic licensure #NATMEDWEEK2016

Note: this post is part of a series that examines the fallacies of naturopathic and alternative medicine. For background, see here.

I currently live in the state of Indiana, which does not license naturopathic doctors*. However, a resolution was introduced in February to explore the potential for licensure. The lobbying efforts of state naturopaths at the time prompted me to mail letters making a case against licensure to a number of my state representatives. Below is that letter. Suggestions welcome for future letters.


*On the bright side, licensure is being rejected in many other states, and hopefully will go nowhere in Indiana as well. See here for a summary.

  • vicnicholls

    Interesting. How would they prove a ‘standard of care’?

  • 71 feathers

    Nut Sci huh? Colby, you are definitely a nut. Anything natural is bad right? Naturally you only trust chemicals then. Thousands of years of medicine by native Americans and Chinese is useless but the last one hundred years of drugs and western medicine is science and must be the only way. Anybody that disagrees can go to jail right Colby? The same science that got us to the moon right? NASA is sending probes into the Van Allen Belt right now to learn how to safely get a man past the intense radiation. Gee that Van Allen Belt was not discovered till after the fake landing. Ever wonder how the flag blew in the “wind”. Who took the picture of the rickety three legged thing taking off from the moon on it’s journey home? How come the earth is the same size in the sky from the moon as the size of the moon in the sky from the earth when the earth is so many times bigger? Have you ever asked a question of science or do you just have “faith” that it is all true? There is no evidence of one creature turning into another creature; therefore, no evidence of evolution. No evidence that links us to apes. No evidence of humans crossing the Van Allen Belt into science fiction, no evidence at all of the big boom. All your science is a fraud young man. Think! It’s not too late to learn; but, first you must unlearn the lies of science. Everything you have been taught is a lie. It’s ok to be mad. It pisses me off too. But don’t stick your head in the sand. Deal with it.

    • vicnicholls

      Sir or madam, antibiotics, anti viral, vaccine products have been created that allowed for people to live longer lives. Had the products you mentioned been working, then why weren’t our lives better before hand?

      Mercury was used as a treatment before. Isn’t that something we should learn from?

      Evolution has never been proven. There are holes in that theory. I’m not saying science is perfect but we do have science to thank for improvements in life that were beyond what we had before.

      Btw, you made your response to me, not to Colby.