#FNCE 2013 and 2012 tweet comparison

Last year I collected #FNCE tweets (the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ (AND) Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo) and did some simple analyses. I did the same this year and here are some comparisons. The dataset is available here.




Total tweets 14,795 14,512
Unique tweeters 2,043 1,570
Stats (tweets per person) Mean 7.2
Median 1
SD 18.1
Mean 9.2
Median 2
SD 22.3
Top 10 tweeters (people on both lists underlined) TheScarletRD 236
LeanGrnBeanBlog 233
Hurstej 202
eatrightFNCE 196
jenhaugen 160
NutritionistaRD 149
Angelapaints 145
GilleanMSRD 145
ChristysChomp 145
Christinekw 133
TheScarletRD 278
KristinaLaRueRD 261
DelMontebrand 249
LeanGrnBeanBlog 249
Andybellatti 213
IamEatonWright 195
ScritchfieldRD 163
MicheleRSimon 149
JBraddockRD 147
GeneralHealthy 137
Most frequent terms in tweets (top 10). Words that appear in both are underlined. food 2053
nutrition 1110
booth 1043
rds 764
session 701
eat 514
love 509
expo 484
people 479
houston 466
food 1524
session 906
nutrition 830
booth 770
rds 610
love 526
health 514
eat 502
day 442
people 430

Here is the tweet frequency from the official start to end of the conference for this year and 2012’s is below (frequency per 5 minutes).




There were 907 unique locations that people posting to the hashtag listed in their profile, that successfully could be geocoded to coordinates with google’s geocoding API. Here is the map, with last year’s map under it. 2012 was in Philadelphia and this year was in Houston, and we can see that indeed there are more people that list Texas as their home location this year. Other geographic analysis would take some grouping by region which I will work on in the future.




Finally, I extracted 1,421 images posted to the hashtag and wrote a script to upload them to a tumblr, which here.

Let me know if you’d like to see anything else in the comments.

  • Thumbdriver

    The most frequently tweeted terms all started with a, b, c, d, and e? Is that right?

    • http://www.nutsci.org Colby

      Thanks & good eye! I copied them in alphabetical order instead of frequency. Updating…