Update to @ScholarlyBot: Push Papers to Mendeley

Last month I posted about @ScholarlyBot, a bot I wrote that checks for full texts on Google Scholar through twitter.

If you use Mendeley, thanks to their great example client, I was able to add the ability to push papers from links to your Mendeley library. This can make for a nice to-read list in Mendeley, or enable you add things if you don’t have Mendeley installed. To do so, first you must authorize @ScholarlyBot to access your library. Follow these steps (you only need to do this once):

  1. Follow @ScholarlyBot on twitter.
  2. Wait for it to follow you back (may take up to 1 hour, or longer if my computer loses connection). This is necessary because it needs to be able to send you a Direct Message and you need to be able to send one back. You can unfollow it after you are authorized if you want.
  3. Send it this message (not in a Direct Message):
  4. It will then Direct Message you a link; follow the instructions and Direct Message back the verification code.
  5. It will Direct Message a notification that you are authorized and you are finished; you won’t have to authorize it again.

Now you can push papers to your library. At the moment, you can send it links to pubmed abstracts like so:

Or if you have a link to a PDF file that is freely available, you can push that as well. Example:

I will add support for links to non-pubmed journal abstracts very soon.

@ScholarlyBot will send you a message if the upload was successful.

You can view the document in your “Recently Added” folder in your Mendeley Library. @ScholarlyBot attempts to find some of the document info for you, such as the title, authors, year, and DOI or PMID. You can then have Mendeley lookup the rest of the details for you and automatically fill them in within the desktop client. However, it is likely that it will not be able to find details for many PDFs- especially if they are new- this is something I will need to continue improving. Please send me reports if it fails or gets the wrong information!