Weekend Update January 21, 2012

Here are some interesting reads from last week.

  • HM

    Cody, I have enjoyed your posts, but I think you may have missed something in posting the American Council on Science and Health’s paper on Pesticides myths and realities.  The Council appears to be an industry advocacy group masquerading as a public interest organization.  This is a position paper, if that is what it should be called, that seeks to downplay the uncertainties remaining in the toxicology community about the safety of these pesticides.  It would be easier to resolve the questions if oppositional research was not so heavily funded by vested interests. 

    • http://www.nutsci.org Colby

      Fair enough, I will defer to your expertise on this one (assuming you are who I think you are). I’ve updated the post with an addendum to see your comment.

      -Colby (aka Cody ;) )