Nutrition Research Trends

Just a quick note, I’ve been playing around with some ways to track publication counts over a number of different research areas within nutritional science to attempt to quantify trends. What I have so far is posted here:

It uses NCBI E-Utilities, javascript, and Google Spreadsheets to automate tracking of paper count in the pubmed database for a number of search terms. Right now I have embedded on the page 4 spreadsheets, which show the following:

  1. Number of papers so far in 2012 for 50 random terms compared to 2011 on the same day (uses the current date). With this we can see the change in % difference between the two years each day (it refreshes daily).
  2. This one is a publicly editable spreadsheet that is the same setup as (1) but anyone can enter their own search terms.
  3. The same idea as (2) but searchable by author.
  4. The last uses the same 50 random terms as (1) and calculates the slope and R^2 values of the linear regression of the paper counts over 6 years (2005-2011).

This is very much in the early stages, but hopefully it will become more useful in the future. Let me know if you have any requests/ideas in the comments here or on that page.

  • Jesse

    Suggestion to provide a link to the papers for each topic.

    • Colby

      I added a column with a link to the 2012 abstracts on pubmed for now, did you want to see something else?