My favorites of 2011

Like 2010 and 2009, here is my annual list of favorite personal posts, blogs, and twitter people. I hope it can help others discover new sources of information.

This year I changed the blog domain to and hope to continue highlighting interesting research as I have time.

Favorite Post Topics

I didn’t write as many posts this year, choosing to transition to more in depth posts instead of on single studies. Here are my favorites:

Favorite Bloggers of 2011:

Here are some new additions to my favorite bloggers list related to nutrition/health (in no particular order):

And those from last year’s list:
  • Travis and Peter at Obesity Panacea have an awesome blog on obesity topics.
  • Yoni at Weighty Matters unfortunately (but not really) has to blog daily because there is so much nonsense to tackle.
  • Larry Parnell’s Variable Genome is a resource for some nutrigenomics-related research.
  • Keith Grimaldi’s Eurogene has some excellent information on the intersection of genetic testing and nutrition and I hope he shares more this year.
  • Marion Nestle’s Food Politics, essential for keeping up with political issues.
  • SweatScience by Alex Hutchinson, who seems to be well-read in all areas of exercise research (and occasionally blogs on nutrition).
  • Biofortified, a group blog started by Karl Haro von Mogel and Anastasia Bodnar which has really grown in the last year.
  • Tidbits on Health by David Despain- easy to read science journalism.
  • CarbSanity- Evelyn has some impressive knowledge and guts to take on faulty logic of some internet communities
  • James at Weightology is worth paying for for fitness/nutrition research dissection.

Favorite Twitter-ers of 2011:

I maintain a list of my favorite nutrition/health related scientists, researchers, and professionals here. But i’ll list some here:

New this year:

@KLomangino, @PharmacistScott, @gmopundit, @mem_somerville, @jillyparns, @PaulBoisvert, @DrDavidKatz, @MarkHaub_KSU, @MegPopHealth, @pennydeck, @jordovas56, @food_ethics

And from last year’s list:

@TravisSaunders, @sweatscience, @geneticmaize@YoniFreedhoff@DrSharma, @daviddespain@pvanbaarlen@larry_parnell, @marionnestle, @nutrigenomics@eurogene@PMJaniszewski@stevemagness@k_hettinga@Weightology


Like I said last year, I can’t thank all of these people (and those who I inevitably forgot to list) enough for using social media and sharing all the important information that they do! They all give important insight into science and health and have impacted me greatly in my learning. Here is to another great year!


  • Yoni Freedhoff

    Thanks for the inclusion Colby! 

  • Scott Gavura

    I’m humbled, Colby. Thank you!

  • Mr Epidemiology

    Thanks for including me Colby! It’s an honour to be among so many great science bloggers!

  • Darya

    Thanks dude, you’re one of my faves too :) xo