Forks vs feet obesity debate

On May 12 Drs. Yoni Freedhoff and Robert Ross held a debate on what should be the primary focus for obesity treatment: diet (Yoni) or exercise (Robert).  It seemed to me that the talks principally focused on what the primary cause of the obesity epidemic is by Yoni, and how exercise works in controlled environments and the benefits of exercise on co-morbidities by Ross.  Both of course recognize the importance of both for health and weight (especially maintenance as emphasized by Yoni), but that is really a crude summary of the must see talks, so watch the videos of the entire debate over at Peer Review Radio (~1h:30min total).

It is difficult to see their references in the videos but I tracked them down and pulled them for convenience:

From Dr. Ross’ Presentation:

From Dr. Freedhoff’s Presentation: