My favorites of 2010

2010 is over, so here is my annual list of favorite research that has been published over the year.

Last year’s list was large as I was able to drag/drop references from Mendeley where I save papers, but for whatever reason it is not letting me do that this year.  So this time I had to link to things I blogged about or do it all manually (which might take until 2012!).

My favorite post topics this year:

As always, I am overwhelmed by so many things to read and write about, but here are some of the things I was most interested in:

This year i’ll also add some of my favorite bloggers and people on twitter, in no particular order.

Favorite Bloggers of 2010:

  • Travis and Peter at Obesity Panacea continue to set a great example of how scientists can effectively translate research findings to the public.  They also started Science of Blogging which is already becoming a great resource for why blogging can be great.
  • Yoni at Weighty Matters sees right through food companies and holds nothing back against food absurdities.
  • James at Weightology clearly has read a ton of research on weight and organizes his thoughts very clearly.  I especially like how he recognizes logical fallacies and points out poor reasoning by what seems like most people in the fitness/weight loss industry.
  • CarbSanity- my new favorite (anonymous) blogger, very intelligently tackles low carb science.  She is one of the few taking on the abuse of science by most low-carb promoters, including Gary Taubes.
  • Larry Parnell’s blog Variable Genome is a constant inspiration for me to learn more about nutrigenomics.
  • Keith Grimaldi’s Eurogene blog is great for history and context of nutrition and genetics, and keeping up with changing regulations and perspectives in nutrigenetics.
  • Marion Nestle’s Food Politics, invaluable for the political happenings related to food around the globe.
  • SweatScience by Alex Hutchinson, who keeps up with important fitness/nutrition research.
  • Biofortified, a group blog started by Karl Haro von Mogel and Anastasia Bodnar.  A great agriculture resource!
  • Tidbits on Health by David Despain- great science journalism on interesting topics.

Favorite Twitter-ers of 2010:

@TravisSaunders, @sweatscience, @geneticmaize, @YoniFreedhoff, @DrSharma, @daviddespain, @pvanbaarlen, @larry_parnell, @marionnestle, @nutrigenomics, @eurogene, @PMJaniszewski, @stevemagness, @k_hettinga, @Weightology

I can’t thank all of these people (and those who I inevitably forgot to list) enough for using social media and sharing all the important information that they do!

  • Johnn

    Nice list. I already read a few of those blogs but will check out the others.

    Btw check out Martin Berkhan and Seriously awesome blog and I think you’ll like it. He covers a lot of the same stuff you write about.

    • Colby

      Thanks Johnn,

      I do visit Martin’s blog periodically, he seems to be one of the few evidence-based fitness people out there.

  • Yoni Freedhoff

    Thanks for the kind words and happy new year!

  • Scottie

    Thanks for all your interesting work so far, looking forward to more this year! Also for the list of other blogs, there a few there I haven’t checked out yet.