Getting to know my readers (survey)


I started this blog a little over a year ago with no expectations or real direction.  It was meant first and foremost as a personal journey to organize my thoughts as I dig deep into various areas of nutrition research, and second as an outlet against what is a frustrating system of mainstream media reporting on how research contributes to our understanding of nutritional topics.

71 posts later, I see consistent traffic to the blog, but still don’t get many comments.  I have a decent sense what articles are most read, where visitors come from, and so on.  I’m still experimenting and developing writing styles, and I don’t pretend to be exceptional at writing.  I do it because I find the subject matter extremely interesting and know that some others out there probably do as well.  I never intended to cater to lay readers or dramatically alter my writing in response to readership.  But without many comments, I am left wondering who are the people regularly coming back, and why do they?  And, are there reasons why I am getting little response to posts?  Is it that jumping around on topics so much may not be an ideal way to attract regular readers who tend to be more focused on select areas of research?  Should I write better summaries of each post for those who aren’t as interested in the details?

So, if I could ask for a minute of your time to fill out this very short survey to give me a better sense of who you are, and/or let me know in the comments below what you think of the blog or anything in specific, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.  None of the questions have required answers so you can answer 1 or all of them.  The survey link is here:

I have a couple more posts lined up before the new year: 1 summarizing all of the studies on holidays and weight gain, and my annual “favorite studies of the year” post.  As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.