“Toning” shoes debunked

Empirical evidence backs up what most of us knew all along.

The absurd “toning” shoes that companies are now making a pretty penny (it’s a $17 billion a year industry already!) with that promise to tone various parts of the body or burn more calories compared to regular shoes are debunked by a couple independent studies at UW-La Cross.  They tested energy expenditure, muscle activation in a number of different muscles, heart rate, VO2, and RPE (rating of perceived exertion) between regular running shoes (New Balance) and several “toning” brands: Sketchers Shape-ups, MBT, and Reebok EasyTone and apparently found no statistical significance between them.

Read about the results of the studies here, as well as articles with quotes from the authors in blogs on the WSJ and Time.

It should be noted that these 2 studies are not yet published in peer-reviewed journals.  The studies are also small in nature, however data should come before commercial claims do, and so far there is no credible supporting evidence – “studies” from the shoe companies I am unable to find in peer-reviewed journals.

  • kambohg

    sorry i dint get you you are saying shoes help burn kcl
    when we are going to gym or running