2010 Dietary Guidelines Systematic Reviews evidence portfolios

As pointed out by Marion Nestle yesterday, the scientific review process and conclusions for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines are available online at the Nutrition Evidence Library, and it looks like a great resource to bookmark.

It displays the information in the following organizational format:

  • Systematic review questions - Questions formulated by the Committee.
  • Conclusion statements - Concise statements that answer the questions based on the Committee’s review of the evidence.
  • Evidence summaries - Synthesis of the articles included in the NEL evidence-based systematic review, including evidence summary paragraphs for each article considered in the review and a summary overview table.
  • Search plan and results - A description of the search parameters and selection criteria used to identify peer-reviewed literature related to the topic of interest. Additionally, the final list of articles included in the review is provided, along with the articles excluded from the review with reasons for exclusion.
  • Worksheets – Comprehensive, templated evidence worksheets which summarize key evidence from each study and document the methodological appraisal of the study quality.

While I haven’t yet looked (and likely won’t post about) at the massive report by the Advisory Committee itself, I browsed through some of this and it looks very thorough and detailed.  Interpretations and which studies were considered could be debated, but it is great to have this information available for reference finding.  Even better is that the evidence in which the Dietary Guidelines is based on is more transparent than ever.